Wellness centre

What would a holiday in the mountains be without proper wellness services?

What would a holiday in the mountains be without proper wellness services? We know very well that rest and relaxation are as important as skiing or hiking when spending a holiday in the mountains. For that reason, we gave it our best and built a large wellness centre with a wide offer of relaxation activities for you.

The hotel wellness centre is open every day from 3 to 9 p.m. and is completely free for our guests.


Warming up your body and then cooling it down is a pleasant way to end a day spent hiking or doing sport. In addition, taking a sauna helps improve the immune system, supports the detoxification process, benefits your skin and hair, accelerates the metabolism and regeneration after physical exertion and, last but not least, is energetically demanding so you will literally burn some calories. In our wellness centre you can not only find a Finnish sauna, but also a steam cabin and herbal aroma sauna. Afterwards, you can cool down in a cooling pool or shower, and those more courageous can do so in crushed ice.


There can’t be anyone who doesn’t know the relaxing, almost meditative effect of bubbles…

You can enjoy it in our wellness centre in a brand new, pleasantly backlit stainless steel whirlpool.. You will not want to leave the 36°C water any more.

Kneipp Path

Wellness starts at your feet. Kneipp Path is a special therapy focussing on feet, with a wholesome effect on the entire body and mind. This procedure was developed by Sebastian Kneipp, one of the founders of natural water treatment, who used water to treat his tuberculosis. This therapy is based on walking in cold and warm water in turns, in connection to the massaging effect of the pebbled pool bottoms. Not only is walking along the Kneipp Path pleasant, but it also supports blood circulation, the immune and nervous systems, metabolism and psyche.

Relaxation zone

Just as important as the actual wellness procedures is the relaxation between them, so that the body and mind can rest peacefully and sufficiently absorb their effects. And this is how we adapted our relaxation zone, where the time and worries disappear within peace, dark and well-being.

Cooling pool

In order to correctly complete the sauna procedure, you can also use our cooling pool besides the classical shower or crushed ice. The water in the pool is permanently cooled to the required temperature of 8-15°C. Use the pool carefully, respecting your body and its needs; it is generally recommended to bath for one or two minutes.


Perfect relaxation, reduced muscle pain, better blood circulation, elimination of stress, improvement of the lymphatic system function – those are some of the benefits of massage. Let our professionals pamper you and choose a massage that will suit you best.